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Capt. Robert Andrew Pitcairn G. C. - Rifle Shooting
Inducted on July 20, 1975
Robert Pitcairn

Robert Andrew Pitcairn, a native of Summerside and later a resident of Chilliwack, British Columbia, was a marksman recognized for his many great achievements in Canada, England, United States, New Zealand and Australia.

Born June 26th, 1938, it all began for Bob Pitcairn when he was an air cadet in Prince Edward Island between 1952 and 1956. During this time, he won the individual aggregate twice, and he’s never looked back since. From 1959 to February of 1975, Bob Pitcairn won a total of no less than 181 first prize or championship awards in local, provincial, national and international competition. This is an enviable record of achievement not matched by many, no matter what the sport.

As of 2000, Bob had qualified for the Canadian Bisley Team thirty times, although he attended the meet in Bisley, England on a fraction of those occasions due to work commitments. In 1963, he won in the team match and the Dominion team match. In 1964, he won in the Nokomis team match, the Bisley Faunthorp Match, the Bisley Empire team match, the Bisley McKinnon team match and the Queen’s 100 prize. Then, in 1965, he won the Queen’s 100 prize again, as well as the Grand Aggregate. This was likely the highlight of his shooting career, as he was the first Canadian to win the Grand Aggregate at Bisley since 1934. His prize was the Challenge Shield and the right to use G. C. (Gold Cross) after his name for the rest of his life. In 1981, he nearly repeated this glorious achievement, coming second in the Grand Aggregate. As of 2000, he had made the Queen’s Prize Final ten times, and had been in the Top 50 of the Grand Aggregate five times.

Other outstanding achievements of Bob Pitcairn’s include winning the Governor General’s Prize at the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa in 1962 and 1964 at the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association meet; he was one of the youngest Canadians ever to do so. In 1967 and in 1968, Bob Pitcairn was on the Canadian team to Palma Matches in Ohio. He won the Palma team match, the DCRA Alymergard team match and the Swiss team match in 1967 and the Swiss team match in 1968. In January 1975, Bob was commandant of the Canadian team to New Zealand and Australia in the International shoot. He won the Marlboro match in New Zealand and the North Shore DRA 500 yard match, Grand Aggregate and Sir Denzil McArthur Onslow Aggregate in Australia. He has also won the Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championship once, and came third on one occasion. In 2000, he was inducted into the D.C.R.A. Hall of Fame.

In April of 2018, Bob Pitcairn competed in the Queen’s Prize Pair in the Commonwealth games, and with his teammate Nicole Rossignol placed 9th in the finals. At 79 years of age, Bob Pitcairn also set the record for oldest competitor in the Commonwealth Games.

Robert Andrew Pitcairn brought fame to Prince Edward Island in all levels of marksmanship, and is truly worthy of the honour of being a member of the Prince Edward Island Sports Hall of Fame. In his later years Bob remained heavily involved in rifle shooting, and was an active member of the British Columbia Rifle Association.

Bob Pitcairn passed away on March 4 2022 at the age of 83.

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