The PEI Sports Hall of Fame & Museum

The PEI Sports Hall of Fame & Museum

Harry Poulton - Harness Racing
Inducted on November 25, 2022

Good evening everyone. My name is Deanna Clow, Harry Poulton’s sister.

I am honored to participate in this evening’s Hall of Fame inductions. Congratulations to all the inductees here tonight.

It is my privilege to introduce inductee Harry Poulton.

Harry trains standardbred racehorses. He has competed nationally and internationally, always doing so humbly and professionally.

Harry started where all young horse people should – at the end of a pitchfork, mucking stalls and grooming horses – on his daily visits to the racetrack with our father Oliver.

As he got older, he started jogging, training and breaking colts to harness and jog carts.

He was teaching the babies and learning himself.

Harry bought his first two racehorses, with cousin Gary Poulton, from our father.

With Helen L and Daryl L winning in 212 3, he thought he was on top of the world.

Little did he know, what a world was waiting for him.

As most young Island horse people do, Harry and wife-to- be Sheri headed west to Calgary.

He met Gordon Rumple, a car salesman who bought a 10 thousand dollar colt named On The Road Again. This colt would be the first of the Harry Poulton-trained world champions.

On The Road Again won pacer of the year in 1984 and 1985. His groom, by the way, was Harry’s wife Sherri.

Settling in Port Perry Ontario after “Road’s” reign, it was 4 years later the great Matt’s Scooter started to shine.

Matt would become the fastest horse in the world in 1989 when he was time trialed at the red mile. Matt’s Scooter was crowned ‘3-year-old of the year’.

Both On The Road Again and Matt’s Scooter were World Champions when harness racing had very few real champions.

On The Road Again and Matt’s Scooter were syndicated to stand stud at Blue Chip Farms and Perreti Farms respectfully. The offspring of Road and Matt are the top sought after breeding still today.

After winning almost every prestigious race, and shattering track records all over North America, there was one race that everyone wants to win – right here in Charlottetown: The Gold Cup and Saucer.

Timing was perfect in between races for Harry to take his Stargaze Hanover home to Charlottetown for the Gold Cup and Saucer Trial.

Stargaze was 4th in the trial, making it to the big race.

A week later, Harry Poulton and Stargaze Hanover won the Gold Cup and Saucer. This was a dream come true for Harry and Sherri, and our family as well.

That year, Stargaze Hanover won aged horse of the year and Harry became top trainer in Canada.

There was no stopping Harry.

He had one of the biggest racing stables in Ontario at the time, and trained Peddler Yorktown to the Hambletonian, Centerstrip, Samalu Magnificent, Terrible Samalu, Link Up and Dancersize.

Harry is currently training 12 horses in Ontario with the stable, including Sintra, No Free Lunch and Resolute Bay.

As of October 2022, Harry has had 4284 training starts, 576 winning starts, and $8,259,000,000 in training earnings.

I have made a quick video to capture some of the horse power I spoke of. I hope you enjoy it, it’s much more exciting than listening to me….

In conclusion, I want to thank the Hall of Fame selection committee, especially Jerry McCabe and Paul Murphy, for their perseverance of inducting a very dedicated deserving horseman.

PEI has produced an incredible amount of talented harness racing trainers and drivers.

Without question, the accomplishments of Harry Poulton paved the way for the rest.

Therefore it is my pleasure and greatest honour to introduce: Harry Poulton.